Stephenie’s Fleur-de-lis Sponsorship


The proceeds from this sponsorship will go to a specific family in need that we are supporting. Your gift includes a foursome, special fleur de lis lapel pin for each golfer in foursome, special hole sign, 20 extra raffle tickets, special recognition on our website, and on our email blasts.

This year your sponsorship will go to help Megan. Please see the description below to read her story…

If interested, please email Angie or Brenda



In February 2017, when Megan was 43 years old, she was diagnosed with invasive Stage 2 breast cancer during a walk-in mammogram. Although it was already a 3.9 cm mass, it wasn’t detectible via physical exam, so it was very fortunate that she went in for the screening. She had a lumpectomy in March to remove the tumor. Fortunately, it had not spread outside the breast at that point.  In April, while Megan was waiting on test results that would determine if she would need chemotherapy or not, her husband of 14 years told her he wanted a divorce.  This was a huge shock to Megan and made her already stressful situation much worse.


Thankfully, she did not need to have chemotherapy, and radiation was scheduled: 33 treatments, 5 days a week, from late April to June.  During this time, Megan was searching for a place to live so that she and her husband could separate.  She kept working during radiation, but had to reduce her hours, which caused a significant decrease in her income.


Megan continued treatments into the fall, and went on maintenance medication after that. Megan started to really struggle financially due to mounting medical bills as well as creating a new life as a single person living alone.


In February 2018 while getting her 12-month “all clear” mammogram, a new mass was found in her other breast.  To her dismay, it turned out to be cancer again, although a completely different type.  So the process of treatment began again, including a lumpectomy and radiation.  Currently, Megan is in the middle of her radiation treatments, but optimistic that a full recovery is in her future. However, she has again had to reduce her working hours, which has had a significant impact on her financially.


For every Fleur-de-lis Sponsorship that we receive, $500 will go directly to Megan to help with her bills.


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