Shortly after being diagnosed with a rare form of a cancer in January 2010, it became apparent to Stephenie just how blessed she was compared to others in similar situations. She created a life for herself that enabled her to be financially solvent. Her career enabled her to work remotely, and she was able to keep her salary a well as her benefits. However, this is not usually the case with most cancer patients. Many lose their jobs and insurance benefits while they are struggling through treatment. While there are many foundations that raise money for cancer research, there aren’t many that help meet the daily living and financial needs of people undergoing cancer treatments. It was Stephenie’s wish to help those dealing with cancer to not have to worry about where they will go for financial help.

Stephenie’s cancer journey was a wild one, filled with its share of ups and downs. However, even on a bad day, you could see her doing her best to make sure those around her were happy and comfortable. She was always smiling and remained optimistic of her prognosis while battling a disease that was many times cruel and frustrating. To say she is an inspiration to those who knew her does not do justice to a woman who would laugh in the face of adversity, and never met a challenge that she couldn’t overcome. Part of what made her journey so incredible was her amazing attitude, strength, unfaltering faith, and overall ability to maintain a smile throughout her cancer journey. She wanted to be able to share her strength with others and to leave a legacy from the lessons she learned. Christ is My Big C is her vision and continues her mission. There aren’t enough words to adequately describe how wonderful a mother, daughter, sister, friend, and colleague she was. With Stephenie’s inspirational vision, her foundation will be able to touch the lives of many cancer patients during their cancer journey.

Many cancer patients or their loved ones share their story of how life was “normal” before their diagnosis. But Stephenie’s story defies any concept of “normal”. She was a remarkable woman who crammed a lot of living into a short time; Her personal and professional accomplishments remain a testament to her approach to life. However, Stephenie said many times that her biggest and most important accomplishment was being a mother to her two amazing sons, Bryce and Kye. With Christ is My Big C she hoped that other parents battling cancer would benefit from financial assistance enabling them to focus more on precious time with their children – the one thing any cancer patient wishes they had more of.

To learn more about Stephenie’s journey in her own words, visit her blog at:

Link to a Fox 59 interview with Stephenie shortly after her first surgery

A video tribute to Stephenie on YouTube

Christ is My Big C is a grassroots organization established to provide community-based financial support and Christian love to those directly affected by cancer. Stephenie’s vision is exemplified by the organization’s name – Christ is My Big C is a reminder to not let cancer be the Big C in your life. Stephenie hoped that easing people’s financial burdens could help them focus on what is most important in their lives such as faith, family and winning the battle against cancer. Cancer has long had the reputation as the “Big C” and a diagnosis alters patients’ lives and those of their caregivers. Through faith, Stephenie found strength to challenge the fear that the word cancer instills. Through faith, acknowledging that Christ is really the Big C, cancer patients can find comfort and strength in their own journeys.

The money raised by the foundation will be distributed to local churches’ benevolence funds. The churches will then distribute the money to cancer patients in need of financial assistance in their respective communities. Assistance can take many forms such as insurance premiums, deductibles, groceries, gas money, money for specialists, alternative treatments, medical equipment and essentially any needs that a person battling cancer may have.

Christ is my Big C will be raising money through various charitable events including 5K walk/runs, golf tournaments, fashion shows, and other great fundraising opportunities.

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